Meet Anthony Poulson

Anthony started his time as an apprentice after the earthquakes in 2011. He began with general service work of commercial sites and petrol stations. Here he was introduced to strict health and safety protocols and the importance of tight time-frames.

After 18 months he was transferred to a company with a wider variety of work. Here he was able to fine-tune his skills on large architectural homes, industrial/commercial installations, and service work. These types of jobs, and variety lead to a large knowledge base for solutions to many problems that could arise in the field.

Anthony started Ampere Electrical in August 2018. He felt he had gained a good knowledge-base in the fields he enjoyed and was ready for the next challenge! This was the best decision he ever made; he had the freedom to book and complete jobs with his own time-frames, meaning they were done to the high standards he expects.

Out of work, Anthony is very keen on the outdoors and traveling. Him and his partner, Laura love tramping, mountain biking, and regular sessions at the gym.